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Institute for Research & Evaluation

Our mission is to assist clients in determining the impact and effectiveness of their educational interventions. We focus on evaluation programs that target a reduction in adolescent risk behaviors. Our well-tested research methods are rigorous and reliable. One of our major research strategies is to identify the key program elements that clients assume will affect adolescent risk behaviors, and to test those elements in the context of other proven predictors of risk behavior. This approach aids the client in making program modifications and improvements, if needed, and in becoming more effective at reaching program goals.

With over 30 years of practical field experience and over 100 program evaluations (resulting in a data base of over 500,000 adolescents), we are confident that our services will benefit those programs designed to be effective at reducing risk behavior.


IRE has extensive experience with abstinence education evaluation. Access to numerous publications is available.

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We have developed a comprehensive, research-based character education program for grades K–6.

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